The photo is an example of a painted work, and there are cases where parts, decals, etc. that are not included are used.

Product NameGrill Guard
JAN code4573112274110
Price1800 JPY

Description of item

  • Assembly type
  • Material:Original Resin
  • Please attach to the body by any method.
  • Because it is a 3D printer product, there may be some scratches. If you are interested, please use it after hanging it on paper and painting it.
  • To make the Hagarin garage specification, the separately sold “NISSAN Sylvia S13 [PAB-2123] (4500 JPY)” and “POLICE decal [VGP-613] (1000 JPY)” are required.

Note) Due to the characteristics of the product, the round bar may be long, and there is a possibility that a gap will be created during assembly. Adjust the tip of the round bar with a piece of paper. * Please refrain from adjusting with nippers or knives as it may cause cracks.

Body Parts

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