Among those who are planning to start RC cars, I think that there are many people who have trouble with body making. I want to make my own car cool! I would like to introduce some simple tips for that.
The body of the RC car is made of a transparent material called polycarbonate. It is also impossible to make it look like a real mistake as painted beautifully if it is highly durable. First of all, let’s learn the basics of body making firm firmly by the following procedure.

Cut body

Body cuts are cut along the trim line. If the trim line is difficult to understand, cut it before leaving a margin, let’s cut it little by little while checking on the chassis. It is convenient to have a special curved scissors or design knife. After cutting the body, let’s cut peripheral parts like light units as well.

The surface of the body is covered with a thin protective sheet. Please do not peel off until paint finishes.
One point advice
Since how the body looks will change before painting and after painting, let’s cut about 70% at this stage. Cutting while matching at the last assembly reduces the probability of failure

Drill holes in the mount

Oil used in the manufacturing process may remain inside the body. If this oil remains, please wash off with hot water and mild detergent cleanly because there is a thing that does not ride the paint neatly and it is repelled. Let’s make sure there is nothing left for washing fine parts. Wash 2 times, 3 times more effectively. After washing, please dry thoroughly and proceed to the next work.

One point advice
By “taking a bath with the body”, the body will warm up and oil will easily fall. In addition, roughening painted surfaces with melamine sponge improves the riding of paint. However, since the lights and windows are scratched, you should wash them with a soft sponge.


Masking on the body before painting. You will paste the masking to be peeled off last. First of all, let’s attach the included masking sticker to the window part. Cut out the attached masking seal along the line along with the line, and check the position to paste, peel off the backing sheet and paste the masking sticker from the inside. When painting different parts such as a light part and a window frame, let’s stick it in order afterwards. When you finish pasting the masking, let’s hold down firmly so that paint does not get through the gap.

One point advice
When holding the seal, hold it like rubbing with a soft material such as a cotton swab as it may get oil on your body if you press it with your hand. Especially, please carefully hold the edge, so that paint does not get in. Body paint changes greatly by masking. Let’s devise to be polite and efficient masking.


For painting, please use paint for polycarbonate. Since it basically paints from the back side, it comes out to the surface from the painted color first. Wipe the spray can well and spray it 30 to 40 cm away from the body. At this time, trying to paint with a single time, it will become unsightly due to liquid dripping or color unevenness and it will take time to dry, so let’s repeat the thin coating about 3 times. If there is a different coloring, please peel off the masking in order and overlap the painting. It is basic to paint differently in order of dark color to light color. If you make a mistake in order, color may become transparent, coloring may be bad, so be careful. The thickness and color unevenness of the painted surface are easy to understand when seeing it in the light. Let’s lay down the paint while adjusting while checking again and again so as to avoid unevenness.

* When painting, please be sure to go in a well-ventilated place.

One point advice
Before painting, with a dryer etc., if you warm up the whole lightly it will make paint easier to take. If it is cold, paint may not work well, so let’s be careful.

Backing paint

Please use paint for polycarbonate. Backing painting is to re-paint to make the body color deep after painting of the main color and to make paint less likely to peel off. Let’s do it. Use white to develop the surface color lighter, black if you want a dark and heavy feeling, silver for metallic and so on. Let’s peel off the masking seal after confirming that the paint is completely dry.

One point advice
If the body color is light color such as white, coloring will improve if you spray silver beforehand. Furthermore, by backing with black, light is completely blocked, and it is heavily finished.

Attach attached parts

After peeling off the protective sheet on the surface of the body cleanly, we will install the attached parts such as light units and bumpers. Double sided tape and mesh tape. If it’s an adhesive, let’s use a flexible rubber type adhesive such as shoogu. With other adhesives, paint may melt and fall off.

One point advice
By using mesh tape and shoogu etc. together, the strength rises greatly.

How to install the front bumper inner (NISSAN SILVIA S15 / BN Sports [PAB-2185])

Paste a decal

We cut out the attached decals together with the mount along the line. Let’s decide while firmly confirming the position to paste. When the position is decided, peel off the base paper and slowly paste it from the edge so that bubbles do not get into it. If you reposition many times, the material will stretch and wrinkles will enter, so let’s stick it at least once as much as possible.

One point advice
When sticking on a curved surface, applying it while applying heat with a hair dryer makes it more familiar. In doing so, be careful not to burn yourself.


That is the basic body making. The trick to making it well is to “make it politely.” At first it may be difficult but you will be able to make the way you want as you make as many as you can. Please make your own original body by all means.

Please also take a look as it will be helpful as well.

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