Basic policy

It is Official site of PANDORA RC which DRIFT Body Maker / PANDORA RC (I assume it “PANDORA RC” as follows) runs.
We place information dispatch (contents) from PANDORA RC in our site.
PANDORA RC confirms comment from users regularly.
The contribution that ” Inappropriateness ” becomes a target of the deletion even if related to PANDORA RC.
In addition, please understand because we cannot reply it about “the reason of the deletion”.
The contribution on our site and the comment from users are not official announcement of “PANDORA RC”. It please be understood.
In addition, I keep it in mind to reply in comment from users.
However, it does not guarantee it to reply to all contributions, email. It is understood; thanking you in advance.

Use condition

“Comment, an image, an animation, other contributions” from the users to our site “is not an agreement or a thing to reflect to think with an opinion”.
In addition, in comment contents contributed to the users in this site, PANDORA RC does not take all responsibility.

Definition of the deletion

If the content of comments and content that falls under any of the following is submitted, we will delete it by PANDORA RC.

  1. Write to attack a particular individual
  2. Write slander to other companies
  3. Write slander to PANDORA RC
  4. Write personal information can be identified
  5. Write the purpose of dating and its equivalent
  6. Writing to encourage the induction of other sites
  7. Write discrimination falls
  8. Writing or obscene content offensive to public order and morals
  9. Writing falls violence
  10. Writing libel, slander falls
  11. Writing that may conflict with or violate the intellectual property rights


To everyone for all users, you will need to accept the “Terms and Conditions of our site.”
PANDORA RC is to periodically check the comments from the everyone of the user.
Prohibited acts of corresponding contents below.

  1. Acts that threaten the legal rights of others libel, slander, harassment, stalking, intimidation, and other.[Such as the invasion of privacy]
  2. Information lead defamatory, infringing, obscene, unfair, misleading.Information of unlawful material.These “publish, post, distribute or disseminate” act.
  3. Act to disseminate information that contains elements that may conflict with or violate the intellectual property rights to.* If you own the rights themselves are excluded. * If you have obtained all necessary consents and I are excluded.
  4. Which may damage or adding virus to other computers. Software and program any similar to those induced to.
  5. The act of writing a computer program using harmful.
  6. Act to prevent the use or access of the Service or any part thereof by other users.
  7. The use of “copyright, trade name, logo, image” to “no prior consent from PANDORA RC”.


  • This convention entered into force on 23 May 2012.
  • This convention is subject to change without notice.
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