Permanent preservation version | Polycarbonate body production technique course

I want to make a radio-controlled body cool.

But I’m worried if I can make it myself, and what if I fail ?

For complete beginners | Polycarbonate body production technique account

Preparation: Cleaning the inside of the body

As a promise when painting the polycarbonate body, cleaning is required first.
Thoroughly clean the inside of the body you bought so that the paint can be applied well.
Use a neutral detergent and sponge to thoroughly remove the oil.
The point is to lather and wash well so as not to damage it.

Let’s print the pattern that will be needed for masking later.
Please select the applicable model from here and download and print it.

Marking: Mark the cut line to prevent mistakes

The body is clear, so it’s hard to see the cut line.
Marking the cut line with an oil-based pen before cutting will prevent mistakes.

Even if you make a mistake in writing the cut line, you can wipe it off with a cleaner, so you can correct it as many times as you like.
It’s a hassle, but if you don’t want to fail, it’s recommended that you take the time first.

It is also explained in the video * Explanation in PAB-2202 GR Supra

Cut out

Finally, it’s time to cut out the pieces. But please remain calm.
First of all, you can use scissors to make a rough cut.

Once you’ve done the rough cutting, work carefully because it’s hard to make corrections from here.
Basically, use curved scissors or a design knife (cutter) to cut out the pieces as you have marked them.
Make sure to rub the pieces together and adjust them so that they fit together perfectly.

Translated with (free version)

Cutting out the wheel arch

For the curved part, first insert the blade twice by gently tracing it with a cutter, and then snap it by hand to cut it cleanly.

Cutting out complex details

Trace it shallowly with a cutter along the markings, and finely chop the margins with scissors.
It can be broken off without forcibly applying force.
* For details, see the January issue of Radio Control Magazine.

The main body and bumper etc. need to be rubbed together

It feels good when joining the parts after painting if this is properly aligned.

Details are explained in the video. * Explanation with PAB-2202 GR Supra
Please refer to the cutting method as it is cut out in almost the same way for any car model.

Masking: Also explained in the December 2020 issue of Radicon Magazine

Window glass masking

  1. Roughly cut out the attached masking sheet based on the pattern downloaded in step ①
  2. Apply roughly cut masking tape to the inside of the body * Be careful not to let air in
  3. Cut the excess using a design knife (cutter)

Click here for details * PAB-2200 Aristo JZS161 | Explanation in BN-Sports

Masking where there is no paper pattern (lights, ducts, etc.)

To prevent mistakes on the body surface (from the top of the protective film) as shown in the image,
It is GOOD if you describe where to apply or not to apply! !!

It is explained in detail in the December 2020 issue of Radicon Magazine, so check that out too! !!

If you read this too, you can make it better! !!

Radiocon Magazine Blog :

Radicon Magazine December 2020 Issue :

Radicon Magazine January 2021 Issue :

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