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[Cleaning version] Inexperienced staff tried to make the body

We bring you the experiences of our staff who have no experience in body production!

  • Where should I start ?
  • What kind of tools do you use ?
  • Isn’t there an explanation like in a textbook ?
  • I can’t paint well…

If you have ever thought about this, please take a look!

This article mainly explains how to clean the radio control body. I would like to explain about body cutting, masking, and painting in another article! Now, let’s explain how to clean the radio control body!

What to prepare

  • neutral detergent
  • soft sponge
  • Lint-free cloth (such as a towel that has been washed several times)


  1. Wash the back side of the body (painted surface) thoroughly with a neutral detergent.
  2. Wipe off with a towel and dry thoroughly

This is all there is to it, but there are some surprisingly important points that I will explain below! !


Thoroughly wash the back side of the body with a neutral detergent (dish detergent)! The key is to lather and wash well♪
(You won’t be able to paint well if the oil is still on it.)
It may be difficult to get the sponge into small parts, but make sure to lather them up and wash them thoroughly!

P.S.: Make sure to wash the front side of your body as well! This is to prevent oil from getting on the back side (painted surface) when you touch the front side with your hand.
*Please use the soft side of the sponge.


If you wash it with a hard (rough) sponge…it will get scratched like this, so be careful! !


Is any detergent ok? !

Do not use detergents other than neutral detergents (acidic, etc.) or solvents such as alcohol! !
Cleaning with these substances may cause cracks called “chemical cracks.” When cleaning polycarbonate bodies, etc., we recommend using a neutral detergent.

How often do you wash?

Wash it until it feels no longer slimy when you touch it with your fingers! ! “Remaining slime = remaining oil” can cause failures when painting. (Be more conscious about cleaning than you think, as it may cause the paint to peel off!)

A towel to wipe it off is also important! !

After washing, wipe off the moisture… There is also a point in the towel you use here ♪
It is recommended to use a towel that has been washed several times and the fuzz has settled down!
(If you use a new towel, hair will stick to the body side when wiping it off, causing problems when painting!)
P.S.: We also recommend wiping it off with kitchen paper! !


By the way, with a microfiber towel, I felt like I couldn’t wipe away much moisture…maybe it depends on the type of microfiber lol.

I want to paint it at a later date…? !

If there is some time between cleaning and painting (for example, if you are painting at a later date), put it in a bag to prevent dust from getting on it! !


The above is the [Cleaning Edition] by a staff member with no experience in body production.

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