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Is Pandora body hard to break ? [Explanation of 3 causes of cracking]Is Pandora body hard to break ?

The Pandora body uses high quality domestic polycarbonate. This makes the product difficult to break. This time, we will introduce three causes of cracking.

The crack may be caused by XXXXX ! ?

Points to note when masking work


When cutting the masking, I used too much force without realizing it, and the polycarbonate was damaged. This pattern may be more common than others. The solvent will get into the scratches and cause it to crack.

Therefore! !
Let’s master how to apply force without damaging the polycarbonate by using the method introduced below! ! (Explained in video)

If you can master the amount of force shown in the video, you will avoid damaging the polycarbonate and reduce the causes of cracks! ! (Just practice)

Precautions when cleaning


A pattern that has been washed with something other than a neutral detergent. Cleaning with detergents (acidic, etc.) or solvents such as alcohol may cause cracks called “chemical cracks.” Therefore, when cleaning polycarbonate bodies, etc., we recommend using a neutral detergent.

Be careful about the solvent you use


There are various types of paint, including lacquer, but be sure to use polycarbonate. We recommend polycarbonate paint or paint from Show Up.

There are many types, so if you don’t know what to buy, please contact Show Up directly and they will be able to answer your questions! !


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