Toyota 86 ZN6 / BN-Sports [PAB-2199]

Product Name : Toyota 86 ZN6 / BN Sports
No : PAB-2199
JAN code : 4573112271997
Price : 5800 JPY
Width : F207mm / R204mm
Wheel Base : 257-260mm
  • 1/10 size non-painting polycarbonate body
  • Decare & Masking is attached
  • Front & Rear bumpers(Separate) [made of polycarbonate]
  • Fender fin parts included. [made of polycarbonate]
  • Front & Rear light parts included. [made of polycarbonate]
  • Canard included (side) [made of polycarbonate]
  • Made in Japan
  • Approved by Toyota Motor Corporation

The photograph of the HP publication becomes the painting work example and may use the parts decare which is not attached.

[Actual vehicle overview]
It is a lightweight sports car that was planned and developed using SUBARU’s technology to realize the “intuitive handling FR” concept that pursues the enjoyment of driving, featuring compactness, light weight, low center of gravity, and low inertia. In addition, it was developed with a design that does not rely on supercharging or special high-grip tires, following the AE86 type Corolla Levin Sprinter Trueno (Hachiroku), which has long been popular due to its ease of tuning , It was named “86” as a sports car that “grow while enjoying just one” and “evolve with customers”.

After downloading the pattern here, please print it out and use it.

Although the quality has improved from this masking, the pattern will be a form to download for cost reduction. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Cut the printed out pattern roughly outside the frame.
  2. use [1] as a guide and cut the supplied masking sheet to a large size.
  3. Apply masking to the body and cut the excess parts with a design knife or the like to cut well.

You can download the masking pattern here.

BN Sports RC Body Series