The photo is an example of a painted work, and there are cases where parts, decals, etc. that are not included are used.

Product NameRWB993 TYPE Wide Fender Set
JAN code4560452088149
Price5000 JPY
  • [PAB-3210]RWB 993 TYPE (RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF)” exclusive item.
  • The photograph is a painting example.
  • It may be different from a real product.
  • Non-painting
  • Product made in polycarbonate.
  • Please attach it by any method.
RWB993 TYPE Wide Fender Set

RWB993 TYPE Wide Fender Set

[Ser Content]

  1. Wide Fender(+7mm on one side)
  2. Canard(front fender)
  3. Canard(front bumper)
  4. Canard(front bumper)
  5. Canard(rear fender)
  6. Canard(wing)
  7. Side skirt
  8. Light parts(cover)
  9. Light parts(inner)
  10. Front bumper duct cover
  11. Duct(quarter glass)
  12. Duct(rear hood)
  13. Roof spoiler
  14. Rear fender wing parts


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