[Body production] Video commentary on Hakosuka production [Watch in 19 minutes]

“I bought the Skyline, how do I make it?”

“What to do if you fail”

It is a must-see for those who like.

Explainer video for making the Skyline

To those who read this article

In this article, “I bought the Skyline, how do I make it?”

We will solve your problems.

“PAB-2203 NISSAN | 2000GT-R | (KPGC10) CUSTOM” on sale

  • Wings not included.

I will explain from writing the trim line to cutting with a video.

Please see this article for a detailed explanation of the entire body production.

Permanent preservation version | Polycarbonate body production technique course

Trim line


Parts separation & body

Front parts

Rear parts

Light parts etc.

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