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PANDORA RC Products / Personal order

Flow of the order

  • You fill in a matter necessary for [ Order form ], and, please transmit.
  • We confirm input contents and send Invoice to you.
  • We begin shipment preparations if we confirm your receipt of money.
  • The shipment is a plan within five business days after receipt of money confirmation.
    * For a busy season, we may need time from a plan. It, please be understood.

Conditions of sale

  • The payment is Japanese Yen.
  • The postage is a burden on you.
  • It is shipment after the receipt of money confirmation.
  • The means of payment is only Paypal. ( Our Paypal Account informs it at the time of order. )
  • We can send to other countries listed the product.

About returned goods

Other than the initial defectiveness of the product, we does not accept return of goods.
It is understood, and, please order it.

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