The photo is an example of a painted work, and there are cases where parts, decals, etc. that are not included are used.

Product NamePanel line tape
JAN code4560452086213
Price1200 JPY
Line width0.4mm x 9 / 1mm x 3 / 2mm x 2 / 2.5mm x 2
Lengthabout 197mm

Description of item

<<Features and notes>>

  • With a wide range of line widths, it can accommodate various areas.
  • It is resistant to solvents! Simply apply it to the back of the line area and paint over it
  • It is difficult to peel off even when applied from the front.
  • It is a stretchable material, so it can also be applied to curved surfaces, etc.
  • Please note that excessive stretching may alter its thickness.
  • Please apply it in a way that minimizes tension (stress) as much as possible.

Decal & Vinly & Sticker

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