RWD drift chassis GRK4 (R31HOUSE)

RWD drift chassis GRK4

RWD drift chassis GRK4


– Color – – Product No – – Price – – Stock –
Glossy Purple GRK4PU 89000 JPY None
Glossy Red GRK4RD 89000 JPY None
Matte Black GRK4BK 89000 JPY None

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  • The chassis image is a sample photo.
  • This product is not assembled. (Mechas, tires and wheels are not included)
  • 1/10 use

Features of this product

  • The installation position has been thoroughly reviewed while maintaining the vertical rear motor layout of the GRK series. And gain overwhelming traction performance.
  • Equipped with a state-of-the-art curved steering rack (with tilt angle) and a fully adjustable front alumina knuckle that can be freely adjusted for alignment
  • Upper and lower arms and damper stays are also standard on newly designed aluminum parts.
  • Newly designed air dam front bumper connected from the characteristic nose cone bulkhead

RWD drift chassis GRK4

RWD drift chassis GRK4
RWD drift chassis GRK4
RWD drift chassis GRK4

RWD drift chassis GRK4The motor and battery are mounted approximately 8 mm behind GRK3. Traction performance has increased due to the weight distribution closer to the rear.

RWD drift chassis GRK4The steering rack is installed closer to the front than GRK3. It is easy to set the Ackermann angle suitable for drift.

RWD drift chassis GRK4A front bumper called an “air dam bumper” has the effect of improving the ground contact of the front wheels by rectifying the air flow with internal fins.

RWD drift chassis GRK4The mounting position of the post that connects the two upper decks can be changed. In addition, the fin plate that prevents the deflection of the rear shock tower is also removable.

RWD drift chassis GRK4Equipped with a multi-functional knuckle that can adjust the kingpin and trail angle. Like GRK3, the aluminum wheel hub uses a brake disc type.

RWD drift chassis GRK4The steering servo uses a floating mounting system. The mounting plate is slotted so that you can adjust the position back and forth.

RWD drift chassis GRK4To reduce rattling of the suspension arm, the shaft is cut into a D-shaped section.

RWD drift chassis GRK4There are three color variations: black anodized, purple anodized (glossy), and red anodized (glossy).

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